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Use our HLR service or MNP and pay just for what you send!

Lookup is the best solution!

Lookup is the best solution if you need to verify a mobile number database. This important tool is able to tell you if numbers are active or not reducing your messaging costs. 

Do you have a customer database with thousands of contacts? Are you sure that all of them are valid mobile numbers? 

Businesses spend more than necessary in sending SMS that will never be delivered! Lots of numbers are inactive or invalid and will never be read from someone. 

HLR – Home Location Register

HLR provides a simple way to clean your database by removing numbers which are not active or valid so that you can pay just for messages which can be delivered. 

Which information can you have from an HLR lookup?

  • If the phone is on or off;
  • The country in which the sim is registered;
  • whether the SIM is active or not;
  • if the phone is connected to a network.

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Protect your business!
In order to keep customers safe, to protect your business and fight possible frauds, use our verification service.


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